What We Do

Containers & Commodity Terminals

The Salt Water Deep Sea port with endless size flexibility is designed as an industrial port complex, that has an initial draught of 18 -19 metres, which could be further expanded to 23 metres in the future. It would be a strategic vital terminal facility to the economy of West & Central Africa, as well as National Security asset to Nigeria. The port facilities would include, Ship Building, Rig Repairs, Maintenance & Recycling yard, Agro-Bulk/Liquid & Break Bulk Terminal, LNG Liquefaction Terminal, Cruise Terminal, 2km runway airstrip for the Joint Operation Command Centre for the Nigerian Navy, Fishing Terminal, and Containers & Roro Terminals.  

Bunkering Services

With today’s ultra-efficient marine engines, bunker quality is critical to efficient fuel consumption and minimizing engine wear and tear. All vessels bunkering at port Notel ocean terminal can be assured of the quality and quantity of bunker, as well as safe and efficient delivery.

The Port will ensures these benchmarks are maintained through enforcement of the IMO standards and codes of practice, in line with established international best practices.

Human Capital Development

Participation at the Port Investment & PPP Training programme in London in June 2014

Port Notel is an investment in the people, processes and equipment needed to develop the shipbuilding industry in Nigeria.

By addressing people’s skills, processes and modern infrastructure, using a forward thinking posture to design and develop a port community system that will weather all threats,  ensuring its ability to maintain the highest of standards and outputs for an extended lifecycle.

It is a profitable enterprise that feeds the local community through various developmental impacts such as employment, training, and technology, while serving the national and regional need towards improving maritime domain awareness, ultimately improving the sub region’s economy.

Security Operational Base

Port Notel would serve as local security logistics operational base for the Gulf of Guinea to fight against piracy, protect Maritime Assets and Oil & Gas Installations  and  enhance the overall  regional security efforts.


INTEGRATED PORT COMMUNITY INFORMATION SYSTEM (IPCIS):It is proprietary to Port Notel Ocean Terminal project, aimed at bridging the global supply chain flow of information management amongst all stakeholders in the global maritime industry as assets travel between inland, terminal and seaside activity area using the following tools:

  • Port Access Control Measures
  • Marine Vessel Tracking Systems
  • Container and Cargo Censors
  • Vessel Tracking System
  • Vessel Queuing System
  • Unattended Asset Sensor, etc.  

Current Stakeholders

  1. International Institute For Petroleum Energy Law & Policy IIELP: Consultants Energy law, Port Economics and Public Policy
  2. Julius Berger Plc
  3. Africa Finance  Corporation
  4. African Development Bank ( AfDB)
  5. Capital Alliance  Nigeria Limited
  6. Aveng (Africa) Proprietary Limited
  7. Van Oord  Nigeria Limited
  8. Piacentini Construzioni USA
  9. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  10. Ministry of Mines & Solid Minerals
  11. Ministry of Transport
  12. Nigeria- Sao Tome & Principe Joint Development Authority
  13. UK Trade & Investment
  14. US  Commercial Service Department, Lagos
  15. Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs
  16. Akwa Ibom Investment Corporation
  17. Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission

Corporate Project Team Members

  1. Port Notel Limited                                              Project Sponsors & Promoters
  2. Port Consultants Rotterdam                             Port Engineering  Consultants
  3. CDR Engineering Consultants                         Port Engineering Consultants
  4. Dynamar BV.                                                        Port  Marketing Consultants
  5. Etteharo & Partners                                            Engineering Studies  ( Local Content)
  6. Fugro Nigeria Limited                                        Environmental  Safety Consultants
  7. The Nigerian Navy                                               Regulators/  Security Partners
  8. The Nigerian Ports Authority                             Regulators
  9.  Ben Ajoku & Associates                                      Corporate Legal Advisers
  10. Sterling Law Alliance                                            External Maritime Legal Consultants
  11. F. Akinlade & Company                                        External Auditors/Tax Consultants
  12. Sofidam Capital Limited                                       Investment Banking Consultants